Why Camella’s Lotion

Posted by Lynn Fuller on

I have a lot of people ask me about the name Carmella’s Lotion.  Where did the name come from?  My mom’s ’ s name was Carmella.  She was a beautiful lady.  My mom passed away in 2002 from brain and lung cancer.  Although I cannot call her on the phone I talk to her every night before I fall asleep.  She is my guardian angel.  
In 2019 I started looking at the ingredients in the body products I was using.  At a craft fair a found a lady who was selling handmade soap out of natural products.  I now use her soap daily.  I began thinking about the lotion I was putting on my skin. Yes I was using a natural lotion made by a big company.  That’s when I decided to do research into making my own.  I wanted a lotion that was all natural, organic, and handcrafted.  After much research and some testing I came up with my own.  I started by making lotion bars.  I love the lotion bars because they are easy to pack.   Once I had my recipe for lotion bars tried and tested I decided to do creamy lotion.

My first sales was at a Christmas craft fair.  This was a great place to let others see what I had.  I had samples on hand so they could try it before buying.  There  were suggestions on scents for my lotion.  Some of these scents I have used.  The others will most likely be used in the future.


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